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Nobody loves me.

2009-04-16 09:37:26 by FurFurLife

I got banned from the BBS for three days.
The angry face doesn't help, either.
One of my songs is below a one.
I'm not popular.
Nobody has ever heard of me.
And there are people out there who like /b/.

Today is not my day. :(

I AM SAD. :(


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2009-04-16 09:40:53

chin up.

FurFurLife responds:

Kay. :C


2009-04-16 10:07:07

Don't be sad there is a whole world waiting to hear your word. Someday everyone will know the name Fur Fur Life.

FurFurLife responds:

Thanks. :)


2009-04-16 10:54:04

Ha-ha-ha. All your happyness are belong to /b/ now.
I'll sell it back to you for a burger.
Yes, no one knows you.
You're not popular.
Who gives a crap?
Do not whine.

FurFurLife responds:

Wow, you take things with initiative, don't you?


2009-04-16 17:51:18

im sorry that nobody loves you.

FurFurLife responds:

Lol, I was joking.
People out there love me.


2010-06-21 10:06:09

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