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Little Girls.

2009-04-21 13:22:05 by FurFurLife

Don't girls (10 - 13) just piss you off?

I was in P.E. (Or some of you call it gym), just playing some games (it was free time), and we decided to play dodge-ball. Normally, I'm not really a fan of it, but seeing as Everybody else was playing, I decided to join in.
Now, it gets stupid.
Every time these girls (for their sake, let's just call them Girl W, X, Y, and Z) got somebody on the other team out, they didn't react much; just a little "Oh yeah!" or something along those lines. Then Girl-W got out. Now noise. Just an awkward silence, only broken my a mere throw of a ball.
Now, there are only me and two other people. Another girl who I don't think wants to be mentioned, and my friend named Viktor. I then got out trying to defend the other girl (who I actually find quite attractive). "HAHHAHAHAHLOLOOLOOOL YOU'RE OUT!!111!111!"
All of the girls screamed. (Except for Girl-W, who knew she would look like a hypocrite had she said anything.)
That was it. I had just walked out of the room, and left school, as it was time to go.

Don't you have annoying, bratty girls?


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2009-04-22 15:08:39

I agree with you wholeheartedlyyyy

FurFurLife responds:



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