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Fruity Drumsynth Live Costs Money!

2009-05-24 02:56:24 by FurFurLife

Fruity Drumsynth Live costs money! That's not good, now is it? No, it's not. You may be thinking, 'Why do you have a smile if it costs money? Isn't that a bad thing?' If that is what you're thinking, then I have really good news for you:

I have located a very flexible and usable drum synth, named 'Drumatic 3'! not only is it free, but it has many awesome features such as:

* Graphical envelopes for amplitude and modulation
* Load / save presets for single sounds
* Simple but effective effect section for each sound with distortion and bitcrusher and a filter.
* 6 Stereo outputs, assignable for each sound.
* All parameters can be automated

Yes, I copy-pasted that.

You can remake a Kick, a Snare, 2 Toms, A Rim/Bell, a Hat, and a Clap.

It is very flexible, so I very much suggest you get it!

Fruity Drumsynth Live Costs Money!


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2009-05-26 15:46:17

looks interesting, i might look into it.

FurFurLife responds:

Cool. :D